Nicky Ninedoors
Director – Pandora and The Locksmiths
Vocalist and instructor
Striptease and Burlesque Artist
Boudoir Photography

Nicky Ninedoors is a Vancouver based performer with a penchant for extravagance. Her performance history began long ago when at the age of four she first showed everyone her frilly bloomers (which definitely matched her dress) during a formal piano recital. Nicky continued to study classical piano and voice for over ten years while dabbling in theatre, dance, guitar, art, and whatever other creative activity she could get her hands on!

In 2008, Nicky discovered the world of burlesque, and made her singing striptease debut in early 2009. Since then, she has appeared in the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival, The Montreal Burlesque Festival, The Minneapolis Burlesque Festival, the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, Wasabassco’s 10 Year Anniversary Show in New York, and has toured as a burlesque and striptease artist throughout the USA and Canada.

Nicky is passionate about the history of music, vaudeville, circus, burlesque, bellydance, and exotic dancing, and is endlessly inspired by the exceptional performers found in each field. The director of Pandora and The Locksmiths live music and burlesque collective, Nicky strives to create exceptional productions with her comrades which celebrate the union of live music and performance.